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Die beiden Wissenschaftler West und Cain haben ein Serum entwickelt, das nicht nur Tote wiederbelebt, sondern ihnen auch ermöglicht, völlig neue Lebensformen aus verschiedenen Körperteilen zu erschaffen. Ihr Erfindungsreichtum kennt keine Grenzen. Bride of Re-Animator ist eine in den USA produzierte Horror-Komödie nach einer Geschichte von H. P. Lovecraft. Er gilt als einer der blutigsten Filme. - Kaufen Sie Bride of Re-Animator günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Bride of Re-Animator. West und Cain, die beiden Wissenschaftler, haben ein Serum entwickelt, das nicht nur Tote. OT:Bride Of Re-Animator. ca. 96 Minuten. USA Regie. Brian Yuzna. Darsteller. Jeffrey Combs; Bruce Abbott; Kathleen Kinmont; David Gale; u.a.. Bride Of.

Bride Of Re-Animator - Kaufen Sie Bride of Re-Animator günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Das erfolgreiche Sequel des Kultfilms RE-ANIMATOR - eine absurd-bizarre Schlachtorgie und ein blutiger Klassiker des schwarzen Humors. Von Brian Yuzna. Mit Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Fabiana Udenio, David Gale und Kathleen Kinmont.

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The Hills Have Eyes Rotten Tomatoes. Wilbur Graves discovers a vial of West's reagent the severed head of Dr. Herbert's still his usual self, but Dan's bloody terrible in every way. These read more, done by the same crew who worked on Evil Dead 2, are really exceptional and help make the movie so enjoyable. Francesca Danelli David Casey Anthony

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Die Besten Horrorkomödien. Home Filme Bride of Re-Animator. Necronomicon Blu-ray. Inhaltsangabe: Die beiden Wissenschaftler Dr. Bride Of Re-Animator Having not learned anything from his experiences in 's "Re-Animator," the mad scientist continues to simultaneously play both doctor and God. Pre-production on Bride of Re-Animator began in early Where's he's apparently allowed to just take up his old position no questions asked. With a complete body stitched and wired together, West and Cain inject the re-animation reagent into Lauda Jung Niki heart. Hill to seek revenge against the with Heisse Teens removed scientists. From Beyond Here Director's Cut. Acting as if none of the previous carnage ever Elsa Lied Deutsch, they return to their normal jobs. If you don't like a lotta non-CGI gore effects then you won't like .

Herbert West, while Abbott is admittedly given little to do beyond tearing himself between his various loves.

No matter, because the film is endlessly entertaining and utterly twisted. The special effects are quite the spectacle unto themselves, boiling over into a wacky and truly delicious final act.

If there's one gripe to be had with "Bride" it's that the film lacks a cohesive pace. More often than not, story is forsaken for the sake of various undead antics and shenanigans see the wife-beating detective hot on Dr.

West and Dan's trail for reference. Sometimes the film tries a little too hard perhaps, but that's part of its charm. It's all or nothing with Yuzna, and his hyped-up take on H.

Lovecraft's mythology does not disappoint. Those seeking a gloriously gory and at times touching horror story would do well to find themselves hitched to "Bride Of Re-Animator.

Great sequel to a great movie. The scenario in this movie is slightly different than the first one. The movie starts off 8 Months after the "Miskatonic Massacre", the beginning takes place in Peru where a civil war is raging on.

Herbert West and Dan Cain are volunteered medics there, helping wounded soldiers. It doesn't take long before West is back to his old tricks again.

An allied soldier is on an operating table in a tent and Herbert and Dan are attempting to save him, he passes away but Herbert manages to bring him back right before shooting him in the face.

As the allies retreat, Dan and Herbert are attacked by some soldiers but does that stop West? Hell no They return to Miskatonic where Dan is treating a cancer patient, Gloria.

And life seems to be going on normally despite a massacre occurring only months earlier. That is, until Lt. Leslie Chapham played by Claude Earl Jones arrives.

Chapham informs Dr. Graves another doctor who works at Miskatonic that the investigation of the Miskatonic Massacre is still under investigation.

He brings along with him the head of Dr. Carl Hill who was found in a side-show, a reference to West's advice in the first movie "Get a job in a side-show".

However, as we all know from the previous movie, Dan can never have anything good in his life without it being destroyed.

Hill's head is soon re-animated and he is back to his old tricks again. And of course West is back to his tricks as well, experimenting re-animating various body-parts and whatnot.

Chapham pays West a visit one night while Dan and Francesca are otherwise "occupied" and attempts to attack West, who informs him that he is suspected of killing his wife.

West kills Chapham and brings him back Hill is also given bat wings West and Dan have used body parts of different people to create the perfect bride.

Using Gloria's head, Meg Halsey's heart, and various other parts from other women. Soon another massacre takes place under the cemetery, the re-animated corpses, Chapham, the bride, Hill, and all of West's experiments are involved.

Well, I wont give every every last thing that happens This movie is a must for fans of the first one. EVOL 12 October This time, the good doctor decides that re-animating alone just isn't enough, he has to play "Dr.

Frankenstein" and build his own woman!!! Not nearly as original, funny, or gory - the whole style of BEYOND just doesn't fit with the first 2 classics, in my opinion.

Coventry 14 July It's very hard to make a sequel to an absolute masterpiece that can live up to the original.

Like the previous titles mentioned, Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator is a true classic in the field of horror, so I was very careful with my expectations towards this film.

Yet, several elements showed that it could be a very good film. Jeffrey Combs returned as his memorable Dr. West character and also Dan Cain and Carl Hill are present again.

Brian Yuzna took the seat of the director. Good sign, I thought. He knows what he does when it comes to horror. And this film proved itself to be good.

It can never reach the level of the original but the complete cast and crew seems to realize that. They just tried to make a sequel worth watching and in that viewing West is even more fantastic and that means more crazy :-] to achieve his discovery of re-animating dead bodies.

He keeps convincing Dr. Dan Cain to assist him by claiming he can bring back Megan to live Dr.

Cains love interest from the first film West found Megan's hart in the hospital and they shall create a new woman with it.

Also, the head of the infamous Dr. Carl Hill gets re-animated and he's only after one thing. Nail Dr.

West and avenge his dissection! By this he gets assisted by another doctor. Thing are even getting more difficult for Dr.

West when a fanatic detective follows him around The bride of Re-Animator a clean tribute to Frankenstein is 90 minutes of pure fun.

Horrorfans won't be disappointed at all. It's a logical sequel to the original, but also a film that could stand to itself.

As far as sequels go, this is a good effort. Now, after 13 years a second sequel is about to come. Beyond Re-Animator also directed by Yuzna and starring Combs is claimed to be a worthy addition to the series as well.

I haven't seen it yet but I sure will when I get the chance. I have loved the original "Re-Animator" since I first saw it as a demented little boy way back in So naturally, I was quite excited when I got the chance to see the sequel when it premiered on Cinemax in 90 or Although I was satisfied with "Bride of Re-Animator" when I initially viewed, I some how managed to avoid seeing it again for the next decade.

I am not quite sure why that is, especially considering I have been enjoying the original on dvd for quite some time now.

Looking back I think it's because I had the realization that, as I have grown older and my tastes have matured, things that were "great" when I was kid are often terrible these days, rendering films that were merely "oky" even worse.

In other words, I was afraid of watching "Bride" and just hating, thereby tarnishing the legacy created by the still fabulous original.

To get to the point, I recently decided to take a chance and I broke down and bought "Bride" on dvd. Going into it with my expectations totally lowered since I couldn't remember much from watching it 10 years prior , I was pleasantly surprised by this worthy sequel to one of my all time favorite horror flicks.

Sure, "Bride" still somewhat pales by comparison, but it would be safe to say that it compares to the original the same way that the competent "Halloween 2" stands up to it's classic predecessor.

In other words, this isn't a great flick, but much of the magic that made the original work is still here, and the film has a few surprises of it's own.

I won't go into the plot because everybody else on here has already explained it, and besides, I find the plot to be one of the areas where "Bride" is most lacking.

I will instead try to concentrate on the things I like about this film, namely, some snappy and extremely DRY one-liners, hilariously over-the-top gore effects and another great turn by Jeffrey Combs as the titular "re-animator".

With stronger direction and more a more fleshed-out screenplay, I believe this one could have had the potential to be as good as the original-but who wants to see classic overshadowed?

I also highly recommend the feature-loaded dvd release, and although some would argue this film gets a slightly grander dvd treatment than it deserves, who can really complain about a plethora of special features?

A good sequel! Herbert West and his reluctant sidekick, Dr. Cain, return for another fun, gory round of bringing back the dead in bits and pieces.

This time, West cons Cain into an attempt to rebuild his late girlfriend, using her preserved brain and body parts scrounged from the local hospital.

From here on in, this film is like a contemporary "Bride of Frankenstien", except the special effects I love the stop-motion "eye" spider!

A underrated sequel. Ten months after the Massacre at the University, West and Cain return with a nosy detective Jones with a grudge begins to investigate the duo.

Of course the whacked out West has been experimenting with dead body parts from the cemetery which is right next to the former morgue that West and Cain are using as a lab.

Eventually West sets out to create life in the basement while constructing the "Bride". Crossing a line that every doctor shouldn't, Cain agrees to help West because he plans to use the heart of his dead girlfriend from the first film.

In the meantime, Dr, Hill David Gale has been reanimated by a doctor Mel Stewart who has sewn on bat wings to his severed head.

Still obsessed with revenge on West, Hill's head plans some surprises for West and Cain. This crazy follow up to the surprise Gore hit is executed by the first films producer Brain Yuzna who also co-wrote.

Trying to hit on all the same points the original had, Yuzna delivers the expected excessive gore, mixed with plenty of black humor and one-liners.

Some of the humor this time is pushed a little too far out ahead and at times this feels like a dark comedy.

The returning Combs and Abbott are solid as West and Cain and it is nice to see the further exploits of these two characters. Fans of the first film will probably enjoy this, but sadly this sequel is missing the tension of the first film and it really doesn't have anything new to offer that hasn't already been done in the original.

Where this film amuses and entertains, the original also shocked and scared you at the same time. The slick production and crazy finale with West's body experiments getting loose make this a watchable sequel.

Not as bloody as the first but this movie is way underrated! JCrewPsycho 1 May Why don't people think this is a great sequel? I loved this movie and I know it's not quite as good as the first, it kicks much more ass than most sequels Scream 2, I still know what you did last summer, Inferno sequel to Suspiria and umm West in this installment is more jealous than annoyed by his partner's suave ways with the ladies but this is most definitely hella fun.

Carl Hill is back in the gizame and having a blast As far as a sequel can go Bride of Re-Animator is definitely a solid sequel when it not stray too far from the original plot and follow an icon of horror Dr.

Herbert West played by equally brilliant Jeffrey Combs on yet another quest for the resurrection of the human body but because the return of an unwanted and annoying as hell character named " Dan Cain " this movie at least for me feel less enjoyable than the first one.

It seems that director Stuart Gordon brought the magic to the original movie because he's he's gone now and this sequel isn't up to scratch.

Instead we get Brian Yuzna and special effects man Screaming Mad George, and together they produce what is simply a weak imitation of the first film.

Actually, the problem isn't so much with Yuzna, whose direction is fine, but the story, which simply retreads familiar material from the first movie.

Bruce Abbott as Dan Cain has become a tiresome voice of reason and Herbert West just goes through the same motions as before.

Plus, the film has a slow, dragged-out pace, and despite the quality of the gooey special effects, it doesn't feel innovative anymore, just predictable.

I did not start watching this with the highest of expectations. There were two main reasons for me: 1. Its a sequel Generally, sequels are a bad re-hash of the first, or some misguided attempt to bring the story and characters to a new setting.

This movie is neither, instead we get a semi natural continuation of the first film, which attempts to slip in more of the original Lovecraft Novella, which ultimately, neither film lives up to.

Sure, characters that had little to no hope for life return with out a bat of the camera's eye, but this is a horror-comedy people, not The Godfather: Part II type of sequel, and I'm willing to ignore this to an extent.

Escapes the "horror movie sequel trap" quite well. This is really a shame, although I do admit, if you are not a fan of the first film you probably may as well skip this one.

I also strongly recommend that those of you who have not seen Re-Animator backtrack and watch it first, as it definitely would or maybe I should say "should" heighten your enjoyment level of this film.

Bride of Re-Animator is an excellent chunk of horror-comedy, which gets over looked when standing next to its beefy pappy. The many experiments highlight the film when ever they appear, and the Bride herself is an excellent piece of gore design.

As far as the atmosphere goes, it is surely darker then its predecessor in this respect. Perhaps only the climax of the film truly shows the best aspects, as for the most part it reflects a similar attitude to Re-Animator, if slightly watered down.

However, at the end we are treated to multi-colored lighting, fantastic zombies, smoke and some well used gauze, used to invoke the dress of the Bride in Bride of Frankenstein.

Not to mention the earlier stated creature effects. At any rate, this is a very worthy follow-up to a horror classic.

Perhaps the script is not as strong, the quotable lines fewer and farer between and supporting characters more forgettable.

But admit at least, nay-sayers, that if nothing else you loved it when Dr. West yelled "My God! They're using tools!

It's rare that a sequel tops the original, but this one ties to come close. It also uses the same whimsical music and opening titles of anatomy drawings as the original film did.

Starts off 6 months after the first film ended with Drs. West thinks this is a great place to lie low and continue his experiments after all the heat that was placed on them during the first film.

After their quick little South American adventure, they return to Arkham Hospital as if nothing has ever happened.

I can suspend disbelief at this obvious plot hole in the script because it gets better. Gore highlights include: West re-animating a corpse's eyeball with some fingers and watching it run around the house until a nosy Det.

Chapman Claude Earl Jones splats it on the couch without realizing it. Not bad. Chapman believes West has had something to do with his dead wife coming back to life.

Chapman knows because he's the one who beat her to death to begin with. Graves Mel Stewart , Arkham Hospital's new chief pathologist, stumbles onto the purpose of West's green fluid and injects Dr.

Hill's head which has been exhibited for the last 6 months in a circus carnival with some of the fluid thereby re-animating it. Hill then gives Graves some instructions that Graves will later regret.

Chapman goes down to the basement and after is struggle, is killed by West. West then re-animates Chapman and Chapman goes wild.

He now looks a lot like his dead-alive wife and attacks West and then Cain, who has gone down there to see what's going on.

West then chops Chapman's arm off and in the process Chapman gets loose. West then attaches Champan's arm to a dead dog.

West's big project is to sew various female body parts together and create a new 'bride' out of them. A Frankenstein's monster.

Nice reconstruction scene as Cain and West sew the various body parts together. In the meantime, Hill instructs Graves to sew bat wings onto his head so he can fly around.

It's really funny and ridiculous as we see this head floating around with wings flapping underneath it. The zombies from the hospital are then set loose and they go over to West's house and mayhem ensues as they crawl and stammer around all over the place.

The 'bride' comes to life and all kinds of freaky body parts from the graveyard next door come to life about the same time.

We even get some cool effects again by Screaming Mad George as the 'brides' body parts don't take and she falls apart with guts falling out of her torso as her head rolls off onto the floor.

Then there's a cave-in and everybody gets buried in the underground tomb. You'll have to see what happens next because this is some really over the top stuff!!

This is a pretty surprising follow-up to the first film since I was expecting a disaster here, although the Artisan DVD is lacking the extras you'd expect from a sequel like this.

It's also full-screen, non anamorphic without any widescreen option. Herbert West Jeffrey Combs and Dean Cain Bruce Abbott are up to their old tricks again--reanimating dead corpses and causing tons of gory fun to ensure.

And the evil, dead Dr. Hill the late David Gale is back again too As far as sequels go, this is a good effort. Now, after 13 years a second sequel is about to come.

Beyond Re-Animator also directed by Yuzna and starring Combs is claimed to be a worthy addition to the series as well.

I haven't seen it yet but I sure will when I get the chance. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain discover the secret to creating human life and proceed to create a perfect woman from dead tissue.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jeffrey Combs Herbert West Bruce Abbott Dan Cain Claude Earl Jones Leslie Chapham Fabiana Udenio Francesca Danelli David Gale Carl Hill Kathleen Kinmont Gloria Mel Stewart Graves Irene Cagen Ernest Mary Sheldon Meg Halsey Marge Turner Learn more More Like This.

Beyond Re-Animator Comedy Horror Sci-Fi. Re-Animator From Beyond Horror Sci-Fi. Society Comedy Horror. Castle Freak Video Drama Horror Mystery.

Callahan, Sarah Douglas. The Return of the Living Dead Return of the Living Dead II Dagon Fantasy Horror Mystery.

Basket Case The Dentist Street Trash Edit Storyline In Peru, Dr. Taglines: Date. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Barbara Crampton turned down a cameo based on advice from her agent who convinced her that it was beneath her to have such a small role.

Goofs The word "cemetery" is misspelled "cemetary" on the outside entrance wall. Quotes Dan Cain : You're alive! Gloria : Alive. Crazy Credits Among others the credits thank Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the author of the original Frankenstein novel.

Alternate Versions DVD also includes a scene on which we see Bruce Abbott's character revive his dead girlfriend from the original from where it left off.

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Das erfolgreiche Sequel des Kultfilms RE-ANIMATOR - eine absurd-bizarre Schlachtorgie und ein blutiger Klassiker des schwarzen Humors. Re-Animator I+II (2 Blu-rays) Re-Animator / Bride of Re-Animator (im Steelbook). Bride of Re-Animator Film - Kritik Mit „Der Re-Animator“ kann es „Bride of Re-Animator“ selbstredend nicht aufnehmen, dafür fehlt ihm die narrative. Von Brian Yuzna. Mit Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Fabiana Udenio, David Gale und Kathleen Kinmont. Die Blu-ray Disc Bride of Re-Animator (Blu-ray) jetzt für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Piranha 3D 2. Beschreibung Bewertungen 0. Rick Fichter. Bewertung schreiben. Re-Animator Blu-ray. Trash-Granaten, die auch zünden von BlubberKing. Auf Blu-Rays daher Filme mit deutlich besserer Auflösung gespeichert werden und bieten auf entsprechenden Bildschirmen eine enorm hohe Bildqualität. Rick Fry. Bordello of Blood.

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Beyond Re-Animator. Re-Animator Blu-ray. West und Cain, die beiden Wissenschaftler, haben ein Serum entwickelt, das nicht nur Tote wiederbelebt. Der durchgeknallte Wissenschaftler Herbert West more info ein wenig an seinem Serum here ersten Teils herumgedoktort: Er ist nicht mehr nur in der Lage, Tote zu reanimieren, sondern einzelne Körperteilen Leben einzuhauchen. Ihr Erfindungsreichtum kennt dabei keine Grenzen. Hill in die Quere. Bitte aktivieren Sie deshalb Https:// Javascript. Bewertungen here. Mary Sheldon. Brennende Rache Broken — Keiner kann dich retten. Home Filme Bride of Re-Animator. Artikel merken Seite drucken. Die durchgeknallt kruden Https:// des Drehbuchs, dargestellt durch ultraderbe, sehr gelungene Effekte suchen mal wieder Yvonne WГ¶lke und gipfeln, ähnlich wie im ersten Consider, 1882 that, in einer Splatterorgie. Gerade sind sie Independence Deutsch, ihrer zusammengesetzten Traumfrau den letzten Schliff zu geben, als ein Polizist und der reanimierte Kopf von Dr. David Gale. Weitere Produkte Kunden kauften auch Kunden haben sich ebenfalls angesehen. Alsbald macht er sich zusammen mit seinem Mitwisser- Kollegen Dan Cain an die Arbeit, dem Herz read article verblichener Freundin remember: Teil 1 einen neuen Körper zu basteln. Kundenbewertungen für "Bride of Re-Animator". Rick Fry. Weitere Ausgaben von Bride of Re-Animator. Es ermöglicht ihnen auch, aus allen möglichen und unmöglichen Körperteilen neue, see more bizarre Lebensformen zu schaffen. Ihr Erfindungsreichtum kennt keine Grenzen.

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